favorite manis of 2012

yeah, i know i'm a little late, but i wanted to post some kind of "favorites" post from 2012. i love reading other bloggers' "top 20 of 2012" posts, but i always have my top 10 posted in my sidebar, so i thought i'd do my favorite manicures of this year instead. even though i only started this blog in may, i can tell a huge difference in my photography skills (or lack thereof at the beginning lol), my nails and cuticles, and the risks i took with my manicures. actually, if it hadn't been for the 31 day challenge (which took me 3 months :S), then i would've missed out on so many cool ideas! ok, hope you enjoy this-

green-eyed monster

dragon eggs

thanksgiving cornucopia
mermaid tail


  1. These are all lovely! I love the dragon eggs and the Thanksgiving one.

  2. I am totally blown away at how AWESOME your FIRST water marble turned out! Amazing! I also LOVE the Whimsical gradient. I've been looking for a unique and different way to use this polish, and I think you just provided me with the inspiration I need!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! My Simply Little Pleasure's youtube videos helped out a lot :).

      Thanks, I love Whimsical, but only over something opaque :).


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