31DC2012 DAY 31: recreate a manicure you love

i'm doooone~! it's about time, huh? :) soo happy.

2 coats pure ice super star + 1 coat china glaze white cap + 1 coat sally girl later (gold glitter)

when i was first getting into the world of nail polish blogs (about a year and a half ago), but stumbled across this manicure from fashion polish. i'm pretty sure my jaw fell open (genie from aladdin style) and vowed to try it someday. apparently that day is today. go figure, i still like it!

my brother said my nails look like dragon eggs lol. i don't know what dragon eggs look like, but i like the description! :)

i really like how this is mostly opaque, but definitely not a stark white. that's because i used pure ice super star (a white jelly) for the base color. super star is pretty much the most inappropriately-named polish ever, because what super star do you know of who wears a demure white jelly on her fingernails? no one, that's who. something named "super star" should contain tons of holographic glitter and be some kind of crazy-bright color. complaining over.


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