polish purchases: november edition

sorry this is delayed. . . . i've been super busy these days. so without further delay, here are all the polishes i bought last month!

urban outfitters mystic, urban outfitters unicorn, pure ice the family jewels, pure ice viva las vegas, love & beauty green

sinful dazzle, amuse starry purple, amuse midnight star, sinful ice dream

love & beauty green ($0.99)- what a creative name for a polish. . . . i've been wanting this one (well, nyc enchanted forest, which is the exact same) for a long time, so when i spotted it at forever 21, i immediately bought it. i didn't even know it was on sale for 99 cents! score.
amuse starry purple ($1.25)- i stumbled across a $1 store on the way back from missouri, and everything in it was $1.25 (wtf?). i need more chunky glitter topcoats like i need more coffee spills in my car (which is not at all), but i couldn't resist!
amuse midnight star ($1.25)- has anyone heard of this brand before?? the glitters sure are pretty, but it definitely doesn't smell or feel 3-free. ah, well.
sinful dazzle ($1.99)- i found this magenta glass fleck/shimmer in the sinful holiday display. sooo pretty.
sinful ice dream ($1.99)- it looks just like snow! which makes me very excited for winter weather, except that it's been in the 70s here all week (again, wtf??).
pure ice viva las vegas ($2.00)- this polish was part of the new limited-edition shades from pure ice at walmart. i had to snatch this up because i have yet to add a flattering nude with gold shimmer to my collection. zoya jules looks terrible on me, and i wanted both china glaze fast track and essence irreplaceable, but never bought them. so this $2 solution was perfect!
pure ice the family jewels ($2.00)- this is my first polish with diamond-shaped glitter! so excited :)
urban outfitters mystic ($4.00)- so, i have this weird tradition of going out to sushi and then to urban outfitters with my cousins every black friday. i told you it was weird. this year is the first year i bought polish! mystic looks like an exact dupe for deborah lippmann ray of light, and my resolve was powerless in its wake.
urban outfitters unicorn ($4.00)- i pretty much just bought this one because urban outfitters had a 2 for $8 sale. i'm pretty sure this is china glaze snowglobe in different packaging. but still pretty.


yay, i stayed under my $25 budget! don't expect that to happen again :P. my polish wishlist is growing exponentially these days.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :) This turned out to be a very sparkly polish month lol. Not a single creme to be found!

  2. I love how you stick under budget. All were great choices too! Yay for the Love and Beauty Green...one of many :-)

    1. Thanks! I'll be featuring a manicure with "Green" really soon :) Sooo pretty!

  3. Those Urban Outfitter polishes! Very interested to see swatches :).

    1. I swatched the Deborah Lippmann dupe yesterday, and it's gorgeous ;)


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