on a trip. . . . and some big news~!

hello world. i have another stunning and unique $2 polish to show you today. . . . and some stunning news (stay tuned) :).

2 coats wet 'n wild megalast on a trip

i would call this a bright periwinkle blurple. . . . maybe. it's a lot brighter and more saturated than my sad little pictures show. this is so pretty and definitely unique among drugstore shades. i've never seen anything else close to it. you can snag your own for $1.99 at walmart or any drugstore. or wait for a sale for even cheaper!

as for the big news (well, i guess it's really tiny right now), my husband and i just found out this week that we're expecting~! i couldn't be more excited. or petrified. i definitely don't know what i'm doing, but i'm excited to figure it out. these are going to be a great next few months! :)

so i've already gotten rid of the acetone. . . . and i've been thinking about buying this natural, plant-based remover. any thoughts? does anyone have any good advice for this new mom-to-be?


  1. Oh wow, congratulations!!! So exciting!! I have picked up On a Trip as well. Can't wait to use it at some point.

  2. Thanks so much! :) I haven't fully wrapped my brain around it yet. . . .

    It's much prettier in person, trust me :).

  3. Congrats!!!! You may be creating a new nail polish fan. That remover won't remove nail polish that isn't water based. You are better off using a non-acetone based remover that you can find in any drugstore.

  4. Congratulations!!! That's pretty exciting news for you. Btw, I don't know anything that works half as good as acetone, but how about trying elmer's glue as a base. It dries fast and removing it is equally fun

  5. Wow!! What wonderful news!! Congratulations to you and your husband! :)


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