holiday splendor

no, it's not christmas time yet, but i am on holiday. yesterday was my 4th wedding anniversary with my husband, and we are away at a cabin in the mountains. so a polish named holiday splendor seemed like a fitting choice. plus, remember my motto? always wear a polish with holographic components while traveling (so you have something to stare at on route). this polish has the most amazing holo glitter in an equally amazing marine green jelly base.

2 coats color club holiday splendor

most color accurate

rainbow glitter~!

this is just glorious. of course, it earned a spot in my top 10 (currently #9). i love bright marine green, and i love holo glitter, so the combination of the two is just perfect. this was surprisingly opaque in just 2 coats and surprisingly easy to apply. not too gooey and dried in a reasonable amount of time. and it only took 1 coat of top coat to make it shiny and not gritty. this is my first color club purchase, and i am impressed. 

bottle shot- silly cat wouldn't get out of the way :P

well, darn. now i have to buy more color clubs- love 'em leave 'em, twiggie, glitter envy. . . . any others i must own?


  1. happy belated anniversary. What a beautiful color (and cutie kitty paw. mine like to get in the shot too:))

    1. Thanks, Leia! :) Hehe, yeah my cat loooves to knock over bottles of polish. It's like her favorite thing. Good thing I always screw the caps on really tight, huh? :S


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