weakness wednesday: colored glitter topcoats

today i'm showcasing my colored glitter topcoats. i bought the l.a. girl ones first, then kept finding dupes for other colors i didn't have at forever 21. so far i have 5 of them, but i really want celebrate, the multi-colored one, (and maybe synergy, the gold holo one) too.

these all have a common theme: 2 sizes of glitter (large hex glitter & small specks of glitter) in a clear base. what i love about these is you can pretty much layer them over anything. the layering combinations are endless!

l.a. girl glitter addict animate is the red one of the bunch. not much else to say about this one except that it's very shiny and pretty.

love & beauty rust- this is a repackaged version of l.a. girl glitter addict flash. this one seems a little denser than the rest, maybe? not sure.

love & beauty turquoise- same as l.a. girl glitter addict nostalgic. it's called turquoise, but it's really more teal-colored glitter. this one is a little different from the rest in that the little specks of glitter are holographic. very pretty and very sparkly.

l.a. girl glitter addict jostle- very pretty deep blue glitter. also very bright and sparkly. you can see this one in action here.

love & beauty purple- same as l.a. girl glitter addict euphoria. this polish has silver holo hexes and just regular purple specks of glitter. i haven't tried this one yet, but i'm dying to soon.

i bought the love & beauty polishes at forever 21 for $2.80 each, and the l.a. girl glitter addicts i picked up at cherry culture. (p.s.- right now the glitter addicts are on sale for $2.50 each!)

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