sunset gradient

i attempted to capture a sunset on my fingernails today. i'm not sure it looks like an actual sunset, but let's just call it an abstract interpretation.

2 coats sally hansen xtreme wear lacey lilac, petites color fever banish on tips, 1 coat l.a. girl fruity sparkling peach

tiny gold and pink flakies!

i haphazardly sponged on petites color fever banish over yesterday's mani (sally hansen xtreme wear lacey lilac), then added a coat of l.a. girl fruity sparkling peach over everything. sparkling peach is amazing. it has tiny iridescent gold and pink flakies in a clear base. the gold reminds me a lot of china glaze white cap, just with added pink and larger-sized flakies. i picked this up at rite aid for $2.99, but it's also available on cherry culture for $3.50. basically, you need this.

apparently, sparkling peach is supposed to be scented. . . . but i didn't really smell anything out of the ordinary. but then again, maybe my smelling abilities have been compromised from all the polish and acetone i breathe in constantly.


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    1. Aw, thanks! My brother saw it and made a nasty face lol. Oh well. I don't expect BOYS to understand :P.


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