summer peach

you don't know how long i've been looking for the perfect pale peach creme. let's just say a long time. i've bought ones that are too mod-looking, too streaky, too sheer, too yellow for my skin tone. . . . after drooling over pics of this online, i finally bought american apparel summer peach. and it's practically perfect in every way.

this polish was seriously this shiny even before topcoat. seriously.

this was 2 easy, easy coats. seriously the best formula i've ever used so far. american apparel polishes are $6 a bottle (or 3 for $15), and it's totally worth every penny. i also have peacock and it applies just as well.

i had every intention of layering some awesome flaky or glittery polish on top, but i kept just staring at how smooth, shiny, and clean my nails looked. so i just wore it like this for 3 days straight (no chips!). summer peach somehow manages to be neutral, professional, clean, but not at all boring (at least to me). this has definitely earned a spot in my top 10.

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