cq vintage

hello from the beach~! i swam and boogie boarded for a couple of hours yesterday, and now i have the nastiest sunburn. i feel like a hot, miserable tomato. i'm trying to console myself with the fact that my at least my nails look pretty, even if my body looks like a barber pole (you know, red and white striped).

cq vintage is one of my favorite polishes of all time, and i'm so glad i brought it with me to the beach. it's a creamy, opaque nude shade that sometimes looks off-white. . . .

2 coats cq vintage- sunlight

and sometimes looks putty-colored. . . .

and at other times has a purple-ish cast to it:

weird, right? i just love it. it's so classy and put-together looking (which i am most decidedly not right now) and i love how opaque and shiny it is. the formula is crazy smooth and easy to control. basically, i just love everything about it. including the negligible price tag- $2.99 at rite aid.

if you can't find it at your local rite aid (or you don't live near one), it's also available on their website for $4 with free shipping! i strongly suggest you pick one up ;).


  1. I have this one and it is one of my faves!!! I did a post on it too!


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