lilacquer bakeneko

OHMYGOSH you're gonna love this. this might be my favorite manicure of all time. remember revlon top speed royal from yesterday? well i sprinkled magic on top.

1 coat lilacquer bakeneko over 1 coat revlon top speed royal over 1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear pacific blue

duochrome shift to gold and green!

i dare you to tell me this isn't gorgeous. the reddish base of bakeneko turned my base coat to this amazing blurple, and the fiery red shimmer just glows. like to a radioactive extent. this looks so magical, and i never want to take it off! (heehee just kidding. i have other pretty polishes i want to try. . . . but seriously, how could they be any prettier than this??)

 like i said on wednesday, i've been wanting max factor fantasy fire since the moment i laid eyes on swatches online, but figured i would probably never own it. unless i wanted to pay some $15 on ebay (not including shipping), which i don't. enter lilacquer bakeneko. i saw swatches on cilucia's blog and knew i had to try it! i only ordered the mini 5ml bottle, because i didn't know if i would love it or not. . . . now i'm kicking myself for not buying a full-sized bottle because it's amazing. and go figure, they're all sold out on lilacquer's etsy page. what was i thinking??

if you're drooling as much as i am over this polish, i have a piece of good news for you. i found a couple other handmade duochrome polishes on etsy that appear similar. check out phoenix in clear base and lucky you in a purple base. 

i really hope lilacquer makes more bakeneko stock, though, because "bakeneko" means ghost cat in japanese, which i think is hilarious (i was born and raised in japan, so anything with a japanese name i automatically love). i paid $4 plus $1.75 for shipping on etsy, which i realize is a little steep for a mini, but it was so worth it.

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