revlon royal

me and this polish have been together for a couple of years now. i found it on clearance at target for $3.48 (i only know this because the clearance sticker is still on the bottom). at the time, i remember thinking, "why would anyone reduce the price of this crazy-awesome shade of blue??" and i still feel that way.

1 coat revlon top speed royal over 1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear pacific blue

this last pic is the most color-accurate. my poor little camera had the hardest time trying to capture this vivid blue, bless his heart. because revlon top speed royal is a jelly, it by definition is sort of sheer. if you read my blog long enough, you'll see that i really don't do sheer. or vnl of any kind. i've become quite adept at finding opaque polishes to wear under sheer ones that don't change the color of the sheer topper at all. in this case, i did 1 coat of royal over 1 coat of sally hansen xtreme wear pacific blue. it worked perfectly. no vnl because pacific blue is completely opaque, and the color of royal wasn't compromised at all. also, it still managed to retain some of its jelly (super shiny!) finish. i've heard from other bloggers that royal wears terribly on them, but i've never experienced that. maybe because i always layer it over pacific blue, and sally hansen xtreme wear polishes wear so well on me?

royal is a doozie of a shade to try to describe. it's kind of neon, in that it definitely glows (see 2nd pic), but it's not bright. it's like a dark neon blue. does that make any sense? if you like blues, or just really unique shades, you have to get this one.


  1. It is a great color!

    P.S. Any chance you'd consider turning off word verification for comments? My eyes go all wonky trying to figure out the words (the numbers I can usually get okay for some reason).

    1. thanks, karen! sure, i will get right on that.

      p.s. i'm a huge fan of your blog :) i love your display posts and dupe comparisons!


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