weakness wednesday: holo glitter topcoats

hello new followers! :) happy 4th of july, if you're into that sort of thing. in other words, if you're american. if you're not very american (like me), then i hope you do something fun today anyway. i'm about to head to a friend's house and watch all 3 "back to the future" movies in a row (back-to-back back to the future?). sweet.

holographic glitter is festive enough for a holiday, right? good, because i have some.

china glaze fairy dust is pretty much a polish that every one owns or should own. it leaves a sparse covering of super tiny rainbow-colored particles. it looks good over essentially any polish. you can't build it up on its own though.

claire's glitter top coat is the chunkiest and densest holo glitter out of all of these. i've built this up to opacity in 3 coats before and it looks awesome. super gritty, but awesome. you can see in the pic that it forms linear holo lines in the bottle, which also shows up on the nail. love it. i don't think this one is available at claire's anymore, but l.a. colors star light is very similar (star light is currently on sale for $1.50 at cherry culture).

i made this franken with this nail art glitter that i bought at sally's called silver rush. it's super holo, but the particles end up bumpy and grainy on the nail. it does better with several coats of top coat though.

here's wet 'n wild wild shine kaleidoscope again. i flippin love this topper. kaleidoscope consists of several different sizes of super-holo chunky glitter. best of all, the biggest glitters are round, which looks so cool with the small specks of holo glitter. like fairy dust, you can't build this one up, but it looks amazing over pretty much any shade. click here to see what it looks like on the nail.

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