polish purchases: june edition

i thought it might be a smart idea to start keeping track of how many polishes i buy every month, and how much i spend total. i just want to keep this polish obsession in check and not go totally overboard. especially considering that i have a whole drawer of polishes i haven't even tried yet. oy.

this is what i bought last month (june):

wet 'n wild megalast 2% milk, beauty secrets ridge filler, sally hansen insta-dri clearly quick, sinful snow me white, chameleon galactic

wet 'n wild fastdry how i met your magenta, lilacquer bakeneko, jordana cosmic, nic's sticks rainbow's end, wet 'n wild color icon diamond in the rough, pure ice silver mercedes

not nearly as bad as last month. i've been keeping up with how much i paid for each polish, so now i'm gonna add up the total. . . . eep :S

wet 'n wild megalast 2% milk (free-fifty)- i picked this up with my $10 rewards from my epic rite aid haul. this is actually my base coat of choice. it's pretty awesome. a post about that some other time?
sally hansen insta-dri clearly quick (free-fifty)- also purchased with my $10 rewards. even though i looove my nyc top coat (grand central station), i bought this one solely for using over holos. i kept seeing pictures on holo queen's blog of insanely holo holos topped with this polish, so i figured i'd test it out on my layla holos.
chameleon galactic (free-fifty)- yup, another ride aid reward. although i think chameleons are normally $2.99 at rite aid. this is a beautiful gold duochrome that's actually opaque in 2 coats!
wet 'n wild color icon diamond in the rough ($1.50)- i stepped into a cvs to get a snack the other day (oh and to soak up some free AC, i'm not gonna lie) and saw this poor little polish on a bottom shelf with a clearance sticker! i just had to take it home, right? i have 2 others from this collection, and was happy to add a 3rd. i just love the holographic glitter.
jordana cosmic ($1.99)- i found a wall of jordana polishes and makeup at kmart the other day and was so excited! this is the one i wanted most, and i can't wait to layer it over navy blue!
sinful snow me white ($1.99)- i bought this for stamping, which works like a charm (as you can see here). wet 'n wild wild shine french white creme just didn't cut it for me as far as stamping goes.
wet 'n wild fastdry how i met your magenta ($1.99)- yes, i usually despise hot pink, but there were 2 reasons i wanted this one- i love how i met your mother and it has beautiful gold shimmer. i figured if i truly hated it, at least i could franken with it.
pure ice silver mercedes ($2.00)- apparently every nail blogger and her pet cat recommends this silver for stamping. can't wait to try it myself.
beauty secrets ridge filler ($3.65)- i picked this up at sally's last week for my nasty toenails. they have massive ridges and make any polish finish other than creme look ridiculous. i'm not sure it actually helped much though :S. i'll spare you a picture lol.
lilacquer bakeneko ($4.00 + $1.75 s/h)- this is my first indie polish!! and coincidentally my first etsy purchase as well. . . . i'm so excited about this one! it's very similar to max factor fantasy fire, which i've been wanting desperately but unable to get. i'll be showing you bakeneko this week! :)
nic's sticks rainbow's end ($6.99)- zomg!! i found this on ebay with free shipping! after seeing this swatch, i knew i needed it in my collection. it's basically the perfect gold holo, the gold holo i've been looking for for the last 2 years. except for 2 things- it's now discontinued, and the pen thingie sucks. but other than that, amazing!!


not terrible, right? plus some of that total was a ridge filler. . . . that doesn't count, does it??

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