green ocean flakies

nothing distracts from bubbles in your polish like a flaky top coat!

1 coat sinful green ocean over 2 thick coats borghese rapido menta

this pic shows the flakies' color shift to blue!

isn't this a beautiful combination? sometimes it looks really icy, like in the first pic, and then other times it looks more like seaweed lol. i'm a huge fan of sinful green ocean. i even have a back-up of this, which is kind of saying a lot because i don't usually invest in back-ups. the reason i did, though, is because this polish is not easily available. i've only found it at walgreens during the spring, usually in a st. patrick's day display. and every time i check cherry culture, it's out of stock (as are red ocean, pink ocean, blue ocean. . . . grrr). hence the back-up. if you ever spot this at a walgreens (or anywhere else, for that matter), snatch it up!! it also looks amazing over neon marine green or deep blue.

 now the flakies do tend to stick up a little bit from your nail and will catch on clothing and other things, but a layer of top coat usually solves that problem.

do you see why sinful is so amazing now??


  1. Wow great combo! I have a flakie like this but never really used it because I couldn't find a matching colour that I liked...I'm a great fan of mint so this is a colour combo I will definitely try! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Aw thanks! And thanks so much for taking the time to look at my blog :)


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