borghese menta

hello blogging world! today i have another lovely green to show you. can you tell i like green, just a little??

2 coats borghese rapido menta

so in nashville right now, it's 107 degrees. i kid you not. it's been over 100 degrees for a few days now, and i've been miserable. i get seriously cranky when i'm hot and sweaty. today probably wasn't a good day to wrestle with a polish with an iffy formula, but i was really in a green kind of mood and hadn't tried this one out yet. now borghese rapido menta is pretty sheer, so i did 2 super thick coats. not the best idea under these extreme weather conditions. it bubbled like crazy, especially on my middle finger. but i was too lazy (it's the heat's fault) to start over and do 3 thin coats instead, so i just slapped on a bunch of top coat and called it a day. a hot day, that is.

fast dry nail lacquer, my butt. it was not fast-drying. the formula was also kind of gloopy and streaky. but then again, the temperature sucks.

but, isn't the green shimmer pretty? that makes it a keeper. plus the fact that i got it on sale at rite aid for $2!

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