metallic skittles

what's a girl to do when she can't decide which polish to wear? wear them all, of course!

pinky: wet 'n wild fastdry silvivor. not much to say about this one. just your average, sparkly silver foil. it's really bright and pretty, and will only cost you $2. why would anyone spend more on a silver foil?

ring finger: revlon gold coin. i bought this one for stamping, since it's a 1-coater, but i'm not really loving how it looks on me. for some reason, it pulls really green. bleh. i think a warmer or more champagne gold would look better with my (pale) skin tone. i'm thinking about purging this one.

middle finger: nicole by opi it starts with me. finally, a real swatch of this shade that i use under so many sheer polishes. it's a very pretty pink/rose gold foil that definitely needs 2 coats. 

index finger: revlon copper penny. this is probably my favorite of the metallic foils i own. i pretty much love anything copper, though, so no surprise. i did 2 coats of all of these polishes, but copper penny looked exactly the same with 2 as it did with 1. awesome.

thumb: wet 'n wild craze shield. now this an oldie. i've had this one for at least 3 years. the wet 'n wild craze line is now discontinued, but the spoiled line has a similar shade (i'm ba-roque). this one is sort of sheer too and definitely needed 2 coats. 3 might've been better. shield used to be one of my favorite polishes (several years ago), but now i'm like "meh." i've moved on to prettier and sparklier things (like holo!).

wet 'n wild fastdry silvivor, revlon gold coin, nicole by opi it starts with me, revlon copper penny, wet 'n wild craze shield

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