weakness wednesday: periwinkle


with flash to show the shimmer~!

i probably shouldn't have bought sinful morning star. as you can see, it looks a lot like other periwinkles i already had. but it looked so pretty at the store, i couldn't resist. i haven't even worn it yet. i'm thinking i may not and give to someone who appreciates pretty polish.

i'm wearing l.a. girl color addict extreme on my toes right now. it looks like a medium periwinkle shade with gold shimmer in the bottle, but when i applied it, the gold shimmer showed up very strongly and made it look kind of duochrome. really pretty.

another petites polish- petites color fever periwinkle. this is a little darker and dustier than the rest of the periwinkles. i love this shade. it dries super shiny and has the best formula ever. it looks like i'm really loving petites polishes these days.

i've shown you china glaze secret peri-wink-le before in my cloud gradient mani. this is the first periwinkle and the first china glaze i ever bought. and i think it's taken me owning it for this long (at least 2 years) to finally get the name! it's from the secret agent collection, right? so the secret agent is winking because she has a secret. secret peri-wink-le. wow, that took me long enough, huh?

i bought pure ice in the mood because of the really pretty silvery flakies in it. however, similar to petites epic!, it's also ridiculously sheer. i have yet to try it layered over another polish, but i'm starting to get the idea from this post that i have plenty that would work. . . .

sinful zeus. ah yes, the polish that started the blog. this one is a winner. seriously one of my favorite sinfuls ever. that prominent pink shimmer just kills me it's so pretty. click here to see my zeus mani.

i guess that's it! note to self: no more periwinkles!!

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