petites epic!

on this week's weakness wednesday, i showed you a polish that i just bought- petites epic! i guess it must be pretty new because i can't find very many swatches of it online. so i thought i would do the world wide web a service :P. just kidding.

here i have 1 coat of petites epic! over 1 coat of sally hansen xtreme wear pacific blue from yesterday. i had to layer it because epic! is incredibly sheer on its own. as in barely-tint-your-nail-blue sheer. but i didn't want to give up on it, because it has beautiful silver flakies in an iridescent, shimmery blue base. pacific blue showcases these flakies perfectly:

yes, it's really this vibrant & saturated in real life

close-up to show the flakies~!

i love how just 1 layer of epic! turns pacific blue into an electric blue almost-metallic shimmer. it seriously glows. i bet it would look cool layered over a whole host of other colors too.

you can get petites epic! at rite aid for $1.99, or online here for $3 with free shipping. not bad for a very unique polish, right??

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