punk foil

revlon punk is from the edgy elegance collection from about a year ago. it was a collection of gorgeous foil-like polishes, and the green one (punk) was definitely calling my name. i don't really get why it's called punk though, because it seems too pale and ethereal to me, but hey, gucci westman didn't ask me.

revlon punk- 2 coats, no top coat

isn't it pretty? i have nothing else like this. actually i don't even know of another polish that's similar to this. it's mostly foil-like, but not a super shiny foil like others i own (like opi pros & bronze). it's kind of like a foil/suede hybrid. cool.

now i'm kicking myself for not buying a couple more from this collection. the pale purple one* is gorgeous, and the smoky blue one is cool too (click here to view the other shades).

*girly is available on both amazon and ebay, but it's not super cheap. punk is for sale on both sites too, if you're interested!

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