one & only opi

confession: i only own one bottle of opi.

are you stunned? like i wrote in my profile, i really love cheap polishes, and i think there are so many fabulous ones out there. that's not to say that i don't own a few mid-range and more expensive ones though (i own some nfu-oh's, layla holographics, nicole by opi's, several china glazes. . .  etc.). if there's a polish that's just really special and i can't find a lower-priced alternative, i'll buy it.

like opi pros & bronze. i LOVE wearing copper and rose gold, and this was the perfect combination of the two. observe:

this shot shows the speckly look of the bronze, copper, and rose gold particles together.

really cool duochrome effect. it shifted between pink or orange, depending on the lighting.

look how shiny this is!

just like with cinderella the other day, i wore 1 coat of nicole by opi it starts with me as underwear, because pros & bronze is pretty sheer. i tried several different foil/metallic polishes to use underneath it, but it starts with me was the only one close enough to my skin tone to not alter the color or duochrome effect of pros & bronze in any way. 

yes, these 2 pics are of the same polish!

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