weakness wednesday: pale green cremes

what good is a blog named polish cart if you don't get to see a cute miniature shopping cart full of polishes?

i can't be the only person who buys the same polishes over and over again, right? if you're drawn to something, you're drawn to something, and you can't really help it. i feel that way about any kind of pale green shade (today i'm just showing you my pale green cremes. . . . there will be a shopping cart full of pale green shimmers some other day). unlike a lot of nail polish enthusiasts, though, i try not to buy a polish if it looks like one i already own. i never buy a shade just for the purposes of finding a dupe in my stash. i want to have a nice variety of polishes, not just a huge collection.

the polishes in the cart are:

borghese rapido menta (yes, this has some shimmer. but i would call it subtle shimmer, so i'm sticking it in pale green creme cart. deal with it.).
sinful colors olympia
love & beauty cucumber melon is actually cucumber melon-scented. and nauseatingly so. but i love the color so i use it anyway. (if i were naming this shade, i would call it "honeydew honey do", because this was the color everything was in my wedding.).
sally hansen diamond strength garter toss
sally hansen xtreme wear mint sorbet is one of my top 10 favorites! it's the perfect cross between mint green and honeydew. love. and this is the best formula for a mint green i've ever used. i used to own revlon minted, which was pretty much the same color, but the formula was streaky, gluey, and HORRENDOUS.

that may not seem like a lot of pale green shades, but i pretty much have to talk myself out of buying one every time i see one at the store. i've almost purchased opi gargantuan green grape (another stupid name) at least fourteen times. . . . pale green is my favorite color, after all.

and now i'm wanting this bright pastel green from nabi. darn it. and twiggie.

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  1. I love OPI Thanks a Windmillion, too - I think that might fit in with your cart!


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