cinderella on her throne

here's another lovely sinful polish. i'm starting to think that sinful is my favorite brand. they've put out some amazing polishes- nail junkie, pinky glitter, mint apple, green ocean, social ladder, st. lucia blue sea (which somehow is relatively obscure in the blogosphere . . . . even though it's amazing!). . . . i could go on and on listing other favorite sinfuls.

take cinderella for example. just gorgeous. i seem to really have a thing for anything with pink and/or gold shimmer right now. and for good reason-

this last picture isn't very color accurate. it's more baby blue than periwinkle blue. since cinderella is fairly sheer, i did 2 coats over 1 coat of nicole by opi it starts with me, which is a light rose-gold foil (for it starts with me by itself, click here). i tried layering it over a light blue creme (like i've seen on countless other blogs), but it looked too stark. i wanted to preserve the milkiness of this polish. i've recently discovered that foils make great "underwear" for sheer polishes. i might do a post on that soon. maybe.

here's princess cinderella sitting on her purple plastic throne:

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