marine green holo machine

green is and always has been my favorite color in the entire universe, in case you couldn't tell from my blog layout. my mom swears that i liked green even as a 1-year-old and started calling everything "geen" when i was learning to talk. i tend to believe her.

a much more recent obsession of mine is holographic nail polish (the first time i saw a swatch of gosh holographic online i almost lost my mind). earlier this spring i had the idea to mix two different holographic polishes together to make an aqua/green holo. i mixed milani hi-tech (a very sparkly yellow-toned holo, which is 1 of my top 10 by the way) with wet 'n wild's blue wants to be a millionaire (a stupidly named light blue with lots of tiny holo glitter) and this is what appeared.

the 2nd picture is probably the most color-accurate. it's one of those colors that i never know how to describe. . . . aquamarine? marine green? light teal? let's go with marine green, so i can bestow it with the name "marine green holo machine."

it's not as sparkly holo as milani hi-tech (for an awesome swatch, click here. and yes it really is that blindingly gorgeous in real life), but i still this it's pretty. because of the little holo glitter particles in blue wants to be a millionaire (still a stupid name. . . . see a swatch here), it dried just a little bumpy. but that's nothing my top coat couldn't fix. hmmm, maybe that's why it wasn't as sparkly as i'd hoped, because i added top coat. . . . interesting.

just for kicks, here's a picture of what "marine green holo machine" looks like in the bottle:

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