here goes nothing....

i've been stalking polish blogs and taking pictures of my own manicures for some time now, so i might as well just try this whole blog of my own thing. no mocking, please.

what's pretty enough for my first post? how about a lovely polish from one of my favorite brands- sinful colors zeus. i've loved nail polish since i was about 9, but didn't really have time for it in high school and college. in the middle of my college career, though, i discovered a huge wall of sinful polishes at a nearby walgreens, and went a little nuts. so sinful seems like a fitting choice for this post, no?

i'd been wearing this polish for a couple of days at the time this picture was taken, and wanted to spice it up a little. so i added one of my favorite layering polishes- sally hansen diamond strength (the new line, not the old one) in aisle be there, which has gorgeous pink and gold duochrome shimmer in a clear base. it just kind of intensified the pink flash that zeus already has. (if you want to see what zeus looks like on its own, click here).

here are some shots of the polish bottles looking all cute sitting in a plastic chair.... just as an added bonus :)

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