foily peacock

*thank you stephanie for posting a link to my blog today! you're awesome and i've loved your blog for a long time.

today i added something fun over yesterday's green foil (revlon punk). this is pet my peacock by spoiled, the new-ish line of polishes from cvs. so, a couple things about this brand. . . . so many of their shades are dead-on dupes for sinful polishes. clearly, this was wet 'n wild's answer to the huge rack of sinful polishes available at walgreens. same price ($1.99), similar bottles, lots of dupes, you get the picture.

the other point i wanted to raise- am i the only one who thinks the name of this polish is super dirty?? pet my peacock?? i keep accidentally wanting to call it other things like "don't pet my peacock", "pet my pet peacock", etc. it's a goofy name, but a very pretty glitter.

spoiled pet my peacock over revlon punk

from what i can tell, pet my peacock (yup, still dirty) contains purple, bright blue, silver, gold, and teal hexes that are all the same size. this is just one layer, but i tend to like my hex glitters sparse like that. it makes them look more like individual polkadots! i bet this would look great over navy blue too.

spoiled pet my peacock

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