sugar coat*

*or "how to look rich for just 99 cents."

i got my very first speeding ticket a couple of months ago (for going 42 mph in a 30. . . . 42!!). how lame can i get? if i'm going to get ticketed, i at least want to have been doing something awesome, like 85 on in the interstate. but 42 in an elderly residential area? decidedly uncool.

what does this have to do with nail polish, you ask? well my court date for my speeding ticket finally came up last thursday, and i needed a manicure that said, "i am a responsible and organized young lady" and this is what i came up with. now i'll go ahead and warn you that this is so not me, but i guess it was pretty for what it was.

wet 'n wild megalast sugar coat

what is this pretty, sheer, shiny, but blah polish? it's another wet 'n wild megalast polish called sugar coat. i did 2 thick coats, which built up the polish nicely. 3 probably would've made it better, but you know, i'm lazy

i'm not sure sugar coat gave me the effect i was looking for, though. . . . i think i accidentally said, "i'm an immaculately manicured rich brat" instead of "responsible young lady." thoughts?

on a more positive note, if sheer pinks are your thing, this is a great one. it's normally $1.99, but i got it on sale at walgreens for 99 cents. an easy way to look put-together and classy for pocket change!


  1. I Love this! I wish I could pull this off too but my nail beds are too short and I think my free edge is too long to wear a bare pink polish like this :( Oh well, it looks great on you though! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks, Steffie! I felt a little weird posting pics of this manicure, because it seems so boring.... But I guess sheer pink is a classic, right?


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