nail extravaganza (rite aid haul)

last month rite aid ran a nail polish promotion where if you spent $30 on any nail-related items, you got $10 to spend on anything at rite aid. at first i was like- how could i spend $30 on nail polish at one drugstore in one month?? but then ummmm. . . . i found a bunch of polishes i wanted. so yup.

here's what i bought for $30, in case you're into that sorta thing:

wet 'n wild color icon the crown is mine (limited edition!)
petites universe (which is kind of a strange name for a gold flaky. . . .)
revlon whimsical
petites epic! (another weird name. . . . what's with the exclamation mark?)
petites color fever banish

nyc water street blue
petites color fever peach blush (why is this cap different than the other petites color fever bottle above??)
sinful colors fig (one of my top 10!)
magnetique magnetic nail polish (unnamed)
nyc grand central station (i needed a few more cents to meet my $30 requirement, so i bought an extra of my favorite top coat!)

so 10 polishes for $30. . . . now i'm no mathmatician, but i figure that's $3 per polish. not bad, right? but really i got 3 more with my $10 back, so less than $3 per polish! part of me is pleased with my purchases, and part of me is ashamed of how many polishes i bought this month at just one store.

btway, rite aid is running the same promotion this month, if you want to be as lame as me. and no, you don't have to buy them all at one whack, your polish purchases accrue during the month!

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