whimsical gradient

everyone knows what revlon whimsical (or deborah lippmann glitter in the air) looks like, but maybe this is a new way to wear it? i thought it would layer perfectly over yesterday's periwinkle sky gradient and i was right!

see the tiny blue shimmer? beautiful

by this point, i had been wearing my gradient mani for 3 days, and added whimsical to refresh it a little. this held up amazingly well! you can see in the pictures that there's very little tip wear at all. cremes seem to wear the best on me, for whatever reason.

in case you missed my previous posts about this mani, i started with 2 coats of revlon top speed cloud, then sponged on china glaze secret peri-wink-le, and added just 1 coat of revlon whimsical on top. i loved this combo so much and didn't want to take it off!

revlon whimsical


  1. There are a lot of nail blogs out there, but yours is BY FAR my FAVORITE!!


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