31DC2012 DAY 30: inspired by a tutorial

i've been wanting to try nailed it's saran wrap mani for some time, but have been dubious that i could get it to work on me. that is, until i read this post from the lovely nail a day. she said that instead of painting on a second coat in a different color and dabbing it away, she dipped balls of saran wrap in her second polish color, then applied that to her nails. worked like a charm!

 base color: 2 coats nicole by opi purple yourself together
copper: revlon copper penny

you're right if you think that this is not my normal blogging hand. . . . for whatever reason, i liked how my right hand came out better than my left (that never happens). so i awkwardly tried to photograph this hand. 

this mani kinda looks like crackle, huh? except way less ugly. so now i'm kicking myself for buying that stupid sally hansen gold crackle that didn't work at all. . . . i could've just used foil polishes and saran wrap!

this was seriously the quickest mani refresher ever. it took less than 5 minutes total. i'll definitely try this in a different color combo sometime.


  1. I love these polishes together. It looks so pretty! You are right about it looking like crackle but better. I wish I could get rid of mine too. You are so sweet for mentioning me in your post :)

    1. No problem :) You inspired me to finally try it!

  2. I love the saran wrap technique! It's so easy, and it always looks good! I really like the color combo you chose for this mani!


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