thanksgiving cornucopia

here's what i chose to wear for thanksgiving this week- a frankened glitter top coat:

1 coat cornucopia franken over 2 coats petites universe + 1 coat 10 moonlight

this looked very harvest-y to me, so i named it cornucopia. i was trying to replicate the look of this polish (rainbow honey a little kindness), actually. i might have drooled a little when i stumbled across swatches of it (kidding). you know me, i hate to pay more money than i have to on anything, so i tried to come up with something in the same vein using polishes i already have. how did i do?

i wish i had the bottle to show you, but it's gone missing :S. i'm pretty sure the cat is responsible, because it's pretty much her favorite thing in the world to knock bottles of polish off of surfaces and under the couch. so i'll post a picture when i find the bottle. but for now, here are the polishes i used:

sally girl later (gold hex glitter) + sally girl in love (pink hex glitter) + l.a. girl fruity sparkling peach (pink & gold flakies) + love & beauty rust (copper hex glitter)

what do you think- did i get close? i'm not really too concerned if i didn't because i really like this crazy mish-mash glitter! it at least quelled my urge to drop $10 on a single polish.

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