31DC2012 DAY 29: inspired by the supernatural

you know what i think is supernatural? the universe. it's seriously amazing and complex. there's just no way such a beautiful expanse popped up on its own. so in honor of my admiration for this awesome universe, here's a polish named universe-

2 coats petites universe over 1 coat 10 moonlight

petites universe is a sheer yellow-gold shimmer with small gold flakies. sooo glinty and pretty. because it's so sheer, i chose to layer it over my favorite polish undie- 10 moonlight. i'm not sure this shade is the best for my skin tone (it made it look extra pink), but i'm a sucker for pale golds nonetheless.

gorgeous flakies~!

i got this for (i think) $1.99 at rite aid. i don't know of another gold flaky polish that you can buy for under $2, so this makes universe a total must-have, in my opinion. i haven't investigated yet, but i'm fairly certain that you can use this as a totally sweet layering polish over other colors, since it's so sheer. has anyone tried this? let me know!

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