31DC2012 DAY 22: inspired by a song

i'm a huge fan of oldies music, namely anything from the 70s. and the song that inspired today's manicure might be my favorite ever. every time i hear "dancing in the moonlight" on the radio, i suddenly feel perkier and hate my job less lol. the toy piano just makes me smile :).

instead of trying to depict someone actually dancing in the moonlight on my nails (which would've looked terrible, trust me), i picked polishes whose names correspond with the name of the song. i did a base color of moonlight, following by dots of dancing nails on top. so together we have "dancing" and "moonlight" :P.

 base color: 1 coat 10 moonlight
red dots: sinful dancing nails
white dots: sinful snow me white

i love how this turned out. i usually only dot with cremes, but the metallic red looks pretty sweet! very glinty and ornate (at least in person). i pretty much stole this design from the lovely raggio di luna, whose blog is incredible. but it's not stealing if you give credit where credit is due. . . . right??

whew, only 8 more manicures to go on this incredibly arduous challenge. . . .


  1. This is soooooooo cute!
    I love how delicate these flowers are!

    I've created an English version of my blog and would be very honored if you could come check it out!

    Have a great weekend!
    Esmaltólatras de Carteirinha

    1. Thanks, Giovanna! I would love to take a look at your blog :)


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