dancing nails

i would like to dedicate this post (and this mani) to my mom. she once told me this was her favorite nail polish color ever, so i always think of her when i wear it. my mom lives a long way away in tokyo, and i miss her so much!

(also, as a side story: when my mom was a teenager, she used to pick out her outfit every night for the following day, and then do her nails to match! every night! was my mom cool or what? i like to think it's her fault that i like nail polish so much :P)

2 coats sinful dancing nails- most color accurate

i'm not really sure why this is called dancing nails. . . . how do nails dance, exactly? also, i don't know how to describe this particular polish. a faded red chrome? a berry metallic? i'm not sure that this is my cup of tea (or more aptly: my bowl of coffee), but i can appreciate that it's different. and very shiny. did you see how it reflects light in that first picture?

it's a tad brushstrokey, but nothing to freak out over. the brushstrokes tend to be diminished as the polish dries, and especially if you add a top coat. speaking of drying, dancing nails dries extremely fast, since it is a metallic. or is it a foil? what's the difference anyway? would someone like to enlighten me on the nuances between the two, if there are any?

anyways, i hope you enjoyed this, mom! :) and everyone else, stick around, because tomorrow i start the 31 day challenge~!


  1. Beautiful colour and beautiful story about your Mom :)

    1. Thanks! And thanks for following :)

      And I LOVE your blog name! So clever :)


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