31DC2012 DAY 1: red nails

i saw on the lovely chalkboard nails that a new 31 day challenge is starting up. i don't know what possessed me to want to, but i've decided to join in. now, i think the goal of this was to do 31 different manicures in 31 days (starting september 1st), but i don't think i can make that kind of commitment. who has time to do a brand new mani every day?? well actually, most nail bloggers, i guess. . . . not me, though. plus i spend so much time getting my nails to look just right that i want to enjoy looking at them for a few days, you know? so all that to say, i want to partake in the challenge, but i want to do it my own way, on my own time. so every one else is already on day 3, but i'm just beginning! that's ok, though. i've always been the kind of person who wants to do things differently than most :P.

enough rambling. here's my take on red nails-

l.a. girl glitter addict animate gradient over 2 coats sinful dancing nails

i'm not really much for bright red polish. it's just not me. to me it reads older lady. so i tried red glitter instead! this is my first time trying a glitter gradient, and it was surprisingly easy! i just dabbed on a lot of glitter toward the tip of my nail, wiped off the brush really good, then dragged some lower until it looked right. i'm really liking it. i do think my nails look sort of valentinesy, but that's ok. better than wearing a red creme!

here's the list of all the challenges, if you're curious:


  1. These are beautiful. I am still waiting for my order of Animate to land in my mailbox. As for the challenge, better late than never!

    1. Thanks so much! :) Yeah, I'm a big fan of the L.A. Girl glitters. They're amazing!


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