polish purchases: august edition

lilacquer puca, lilacquer bakeneko, julie g peep toe pumps, milani hot pink, milani hd

nicole by opi a million sparkles, la colors treasure island, sinful gorgeous, nina ultra pro electric slide, nina ultra pro holographic topcoat

lilacquer puca (FREE~!)- i bought lilacquer bakeneko (the full-sized one) and cathleen, who owns the lilacquer etsy store, sent me a free one! so cool!
la colors treasure island ($1)- a polish i used to own, but gave away to one of my little piano students because she liked it so much. wasn't that nice of me? i thought i didn't really like it that much anyway. but sure enough, after i gave it away, i decided it was gorgeous and i needed it. so i kept stalking dollar tree until i found another one. good story.
sinful gorgeous ($1.99)- it seems like i buy at least one sinful polish every month doesn't it? well here's a spoiler alert: today's september 1st and i already bought another one for this month. heehee~! anyways, back to gorgeous. it's a fitting name because it really is gorgeous. it's a chrome duochrome (is that redundant?) that flashes blue, teal, and green. very mermaid-esque, which is always good in my book.
milani hd ($2.49)- i had a $3 off coupon at cvs, so i decided to pick up another bottle of the awesome hd. my other bottle was getting dangerously low from making too many holo frankens. i just love these milani holos. click here to see the rainbows that hd produces.
nicole by opi a million sparkles ($3)- you might be wondering how i got this polish for $3. well i'll tell you. i randomly got a $5 off coupon when i bought a drink at cvs the other day, and of course i decided to use it on an awesome polish! i've never tried bar glitter before (truth be told, i've never found it particularly appealing), but this one looked so sparkly that i couldn't resist! and plus, you know, the coupon.
julie g peep toe pumps ($3.99)- this is the first julie g i've ever tried. i saw swatches of it online, and it looked like the perfect raspberry shade, which i've been hunting for for a long time.
nina ultra pro electric slide ($4.69)- this combines two of my favorite things- green and iridescent glitter. it's a super bright green that looks like jelly sandwich in a bottle. awesome.
nina ultra pro holographic topcoat ($4.69)- it's not really a holographic topcoat, like i've said before. it's mostly just gold iridescent glitter, which i love~!
milani hot pink ($5.49)- i loved milani lavender so much that i had to try another jewel fx (even though hot pink doesn't say "jewel fx" on the bottle like lavender does. . . . hmmm).
lilacquer bakeneko ($9 + $2 s/h)- the tiny sample size of bakeneko that i bought was making me feel panicked that i would run out of such a glorious polish, so i pretty much had to buy a full-sized bottle. it's seriously amazing, if you haven't heard me blabbering about it already. see swatches here.


ok, so at this point, i'd already spent waaaaay too much on actual polishes, but then i just had to buy-

mash plates 26-50 ($13.99)- these came with free shipping! and they're just so darn cute! click here to see all of the plates i got from the awesome oooh, shinies! blog.


eek :S. i went just a little (a lot) overboard. i will do better this month, i swear!


  1. I love the little shopping cart))

    1. Thanks! So does my cat lol. She likes to roll it around by nudging it with her head :P.


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