more than just silver sparkle

i have a gorgeous and complex polish for your viewing pleasure today- l'oreal silver sparkle.

2 coats l'oreal silver sparkle over 1 coat 10 moonlight

as best i can tell, silver sparkle contains peach, mint green, and lavender iridescent glitter and smaller pewter-colored glitter in a sheer, silvery base. phew, that's a lot going on. in direct light, the pewter glitter becomes really prominent, which gives the polish a salt and pepper effect-

but in the shade, the iridescent glitter shows up better. hopefully you'll be able to see some of the peach, green, and purple glitter in these next pics (i tried!)-

 cool effect, right? here's a blurry close-up, just so you know i'm not imagining the multi-colored glitter-

silver sparkle is really sheer on its own and makes your nails look like a frosty mess without anything underneath it, so i had to use a base color. it took me forever to find the right base polish, but i finally landed on moonlight, which is a super shiny putty-colored creme (seen here). it was the perfect choice, because my nails were opaque, but it allowed silver sparkle to look just like it does in the bottle. that's what a good underwear polish should do, my friends.

 isn't the l'oreal bottle just so lovely? i'm loving the gold cap and the square bottle (sigh). now fair warning: silver sparkle is a limited edition shade for the summer. i bought it back in may and have been waiting for when the mood strikes to wear it. but don't be sad, i've seen it just this week in several walgreens, so you may be able to find it still! i think i paid full price ($5.99) for this guy at walgreens, because i was so hypnotized by the shifting colors. normally i wouldn't pay that much for a drugstore polish (especially without a coupon or sale or something!), but this one was so unique that i had to snatch it up. so glad i did!

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