petites periwinkle

today's polish is an underrated (but beautiful) drugstore gem. i don't think that i've ever seen swatches of it on a blog, but it totally deserves some!

1 coat petites color fever periwinkle

most color-accurate

this is just one super smooth coat- without any topcoat! it's craaaazy shiny. i love it so much. the name (just plain ol' periwinkle) is very boring and not quite accurate, though. it's more of a dusty, greyed out periwinkle. i really want to rename it "stormy periwinkle" :P.

this beautiful, mellow, shiny creme can be yours for the low price of $2.99 at rite aid, or on the petites website for $4 (free shipping~!).

does anyone else own this lovely one-coater? and does anyone know of any other hidden drugstore gems?


  1. I agree petites is underrated. Very pretty! Your nails are really nice!

    1. Thanks, Jenni! I love my Petites :) The next one I plan to buy is Fairy Pink, a really pale and ethereal scattered pink holo.


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