31DC2012 DAY 23: inspired by a movie

if you haven't seen "singing in the rain" (my inspiration for today), then you haven't yet lived. no, i'm not kidding. it might be my favorite musical ever (and i've seen quite a few). or maybe it's "the music man." or "bye bye birdie." i just can't decide, there are too many amazing ones!

1 coat petites color fever periwinkle stamped with sinful snow me white (with mash plate 37)

this is pretty self-explanatory- it's supposed to look like rain. i'm not sure i love this manicure, but i guess it accomplished i wanted it to do. and it actually drizzled some tonight, so that was kind of funny. 

now i really want to go watch the movie. . . . but my husband's watching monday night football :S. boo. tap dancing is way more entertaining :).


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