i did something crazy and let my husband pick out 2 polishes for me to wear for this edition of polish days. i was quite surprised (in a good way) by what he picked-

1 coat artificial sea spray franken + 1 coat nyc starry silver glitter

the blue base color is a polish i frankened in imitation of china glaze sea spray (click here for swatches). and the glittery top coat is nyc starry silver glitter. another beautiful 99 cent polish. i believe sally hansen has one almost exactly like it called ice queen, but that's a whopping $1.99. that's more than twice as expensive, which is waaaay too much (kidding).

i'm not sure what i expected, but my husband did a really good job! i definitely didn't think he would go so sparkly. i asked him why he chose glitter, and he said, "what in your collection isn't glitter?" hmm. . . . clearly he hasn't yet become acquainted with the other polish finishes- holo, foil, creme, jelly, shimmer. . . .

but enough ragging on my husband. to prove what a wonderful and manly man he is, here's a shot of his very thick beard (which he's quite proud of)-


  1. Oh my Mr would be envious of that beard. Lovely nails too ;)

  2. So lovely...for both nail and amazing beards <333

  3. Lol, thanks! My husband is very happy that people like his beard ;)


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