look what i found (and made~!)

a super random post for today. when i started this blogging endeavor, i swore i wouldn't be one of those blogs that posts a couple of polish swatches with tons of other random pics that doesn't have anything to do with anything. i promise i won't make a habit out of it :P.

anyways, look what i found while digging through my (vastly disorganized) closet yesterday!!

figlia paris purple 2

i found my oldest polish's long lost sibling! it fell out of a shoe (of all things) and my eyes almost bugged out of my head. isn't it beautiful? when i first found it, it was all dried up and stuck to the sides, but i added a lot of polish thinner, and now there's more than half a bottle! score!

and in other randomness, my silk robe imitation manicure is still going strong (as is my love for macarons)-

i just made these key lime macarons yesterday and i love them. macaron-making has been an obsession and hobby of mine for a couple of years now. i just think the pastel colors and the shape are so adorable, and i love that you can make them in pretty much any flavor you want.

if there's any interest in how to make these, i'd be happy to share! wouldn't "manicures and macarons" have been the cutest blog name?? oh well, too late now :P.


  1. HAHAHA out of a shoe, really? Best place to find polish ever :D! And yes, a recipe for macarons would be awesome!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. lol, i know, right? clearly my closet is very dysfunctional. . . .

      i've had great success using this recipe by martha stewart. i follow it exactly, except that i bake mine for 12 min. at 300 degrees F. hope that helps!


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