31DC2012 DAY 25: inspired by fashion

i used this particular day of the 31 day challenge as an excuse to try ruffle nails (originally by chalkboard nails). i've been wanting to test this out for myself for a while now!

base color: julie g 9 to 5
pink: spoiled club rat
yellow: revlon colorstay buttercup
purple: sally hansen xtreme wear lacey lilac
orange: wet 'n wild wild shine blazed

this took forever, but it was worth it because i love the outcome! my poor little bobby pin got quite a workout lol. here are all the polishes i used-

my husband (and my brother. . . . and my best friend) all said my nails look like easter eggs. . . . i guess i'm several months ahead, or behind, depending on which way you want to look at it. i don't really care, though, because it's super fun to look at. i could use something bright on my nails today, what with the nasty grey, rainy weather outside.

5 more challenges left! woot~!


  1. These came out great - they do look like Easter eggs! And it looks like you have SIX challenges left because they snuck day 31 at the bottom ;)

    1. Thanks :)

      Aw crap, you're right. The sneaky sixth :P.

  2. I just received dotting tools in the mail today...I think I might break them in with this! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Your ruffles are so perfect! I tried this once and failed so hard.

    1. They're definitely not perfect, but thank you! I would kill for your stamping skill though ;).


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