secret peri-wink-le

today's polish is not only the first china glaze polish i ever bought, but the first non-drugstore polish i ever bought! crazy, i know.

1 coat china glaze secret peri-wink-le

most color-accurate

man, i'm so sleepy and brain-dead that i can't think of what to say about this shade other than it's gorgeous. and apparently, i really love it because my bottle's half empty. i remember seeing a swatch of secret peri-wink-le online about 2 years ago (at the very, very early stages of my polish-induced mania), and i actually dragged my husband to sally's to hunt for it (poor guy). and there it was! the very first successful polish hunting excursion, quickly followed by many more.

as far as i'm concerned, this is the gold standard of periwinkles :). pretty much every one should own this lovely staple.


  1. Owwwwwwwn!
    This one I could'nt find when I went to the US in September!
    It's gorgeous!
    I love blues!
    There's a new post on the blog today!
    Have a great thrusday!
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