31DC2012 DAY 24: inspired by a book

i'm totally obsessed with mermaids. "the little mermaid" is my favorite disney movie, and i have tons of memorabilia all over my house (even vintage 1988 little mermaid sheets that i still sleep on lol). i love reading fantasy books about mermaids too. "the sea fairies" by l. frank baum (the guy who wrote "the wizard of oz") is definitely my favorite mermaid book so far!

it's a really sweet story about a girl and a sailor who go under the sea to the land of the mermaids. it's very charming and has lots of clever humor in it too. so cute! if you have a kindle (or other reader), you can download it for free!

anyways, back to nails-

2 coats sinful gorgeous stamping with revlon gold coin (with mash plate 39)

this was a pretty easy challenge for me, but i loved the result nonetheless! it's just so shiny and ocean-y. i'm so glad i bought these mash plates. i just love stamping. and nails. and mermaids. and teal! ok, thanks for looking, and i'll stop gushing!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jamie! I'm sure people have seen lots of versions of this mani before, but I still like it :).


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