the great wave

today's manicure is a shout-out to my home country (and the niftiest country in the whole world!)- JAPAN:

2 coats sinful neptune stamped with mash plate 49 (with sinful snow me white)

this plate (49) was one of the main reasons i bought this bundle of mash plates. i just love the asian-looking waves. it reminds me so much of the great wave over kanagawa. you know that famous print, right? if not, then google it right now! coincidentally, i have a print of this famous work hanging up in my living room, and decided to take a picture of my nails with it.

i just love this! i love the effect on my nails, and i mostly love the fact that it seems i'm getting better at stamping! finally! wanna know what i did differently?

~from watching various how-tos and youtube videos, i discovered that i wasn't scraping hard enough. that's why i kept getting polish in places on the image where it shouldn't be. see this mani. so this time, i scraped with more pressure, and even scraped twice when it still looked blurry.

~i also tried picking up the image by stamping onto the plate from straight above, not rolling it onto the plate. i wasn't even aware that i did this until just recently! i think it's made a big difference with smudging. just look at my eyeball manicure i did only about a week and a half ago and look at all the blurriness going on! i call that improvement, friends.

~lastly, i tried stamping the image onto my nails with more pressure. i think i was using too light of a touch before, which of course results in not all of the image being transferred. 


so what do you think? has it gotten better? and do you have any other tips for me to improve my stamping even more?


  1. My jaw dropped (literally) when I saw this!!!! It's amazing!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I'm really liking how this turned out.

  2. Love this manicure! Love Japan! Love you!!!!

    1. Thanks :) I thought you might like it.


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