i just ordered a bundle of mash stamping plates a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to try them out over yesterday's honeydew green.

2 coats love & beauty cucumber melon stamped with mash plate 48

i thought this mani would come out looking like a pretty indian sari fabric, but instead, all i see is eyeballs. ah, well. at least they're pretty eyeballs?

i think i'm getting a little better at stamping. . . . marginally. at least i lined all the images up straight this time. but do you see that smudging?? i need to fix that. i think i've finally figured out what i'm doing wrong- i think i'm trying to roll the stamper onto the plate to pick up the image, instead of just pressing straight down. don't worry, i'll keep practicing! especially since i just got 25 awesome plates in the mail! i purchased mash plates 26-50, which you can see in detail here.

love & beauty cucumber melon, sinful gorgeous, revlon copper penny  

i did encounter one pleasant surprise in the process of doing this manicure, though. i've been testing different gold polishes for stamping, and they all show up too light. so on a whim, i decided to try revlon copper penny, and just like other foils i've stamped with, it showed up lighter than it looks in the bottle. which actually is great, because it appears gold instead of copper when stamped! i don't know why this happens- maybe because it's such a thin layer that you actually stamp on your nail? who knows, but i'm happy that i don't have to hunt for a good gold stamping polish anymore.

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