cucumber melon

i have an amazing pale green to show you today. it's my favorite color in the whole world, a very complex shade full of nuances. i call it honeydew.

2 (thick) coats love & beauty cucumber melon/ light green

 i love this bright pastel green so much. it was the color i used in my wedding about 4 years ago. all of my bridesmaids wore honeydew dresses, there were pale green flowers everywhere, and green lanterns hung outside by a gazebo. it was all very pretty (in my totally biased opinion :P). see how this polish matches the color of my wedding album?

you may have noticed that this shade isn't on my top 10 list. . . . well that's because i bought this love & beauty polish (it says cucumber melon on the top, but light green on the label. . . . let's just call it cucumber melon) a couple of years ago, and it's no longer available. if this exact shade of green were widely available for purchase, it would definitely be on my top 10. anyone have any recommendations for the perfect pale-yet-bright yellow-toned green that doesn't have any mint undertones to it?

by the way, this thing is super scented. which is unfortunate because i hate the smell of cucumber melon. it always smells like a fumey bottle of nair to me (sorry if you love cucumber melon scents). i painted my nails 2 days ago, and they still reek. but i love the color :).


  1. I adore that color on you! Sadly, I don't have any recommendations, I'm on the hunt for one myself! I also hate the smell of cucumber melon :P

    1. Thanks, Shelby! Hehe, good to know I'm not the only one :P.


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