green-eyed monster

is anyone else infatuated with crow's toes polishes, but unwilling/unable to pay the exorbitant prices? good, i'm not the only one. i saw a swatch for frog's breath (click here) and i think my eyes almost popped out of my head and onto my laptop. but $13 for a polish, not including shipping? too rich for my blood.

so instead, inspired by this manicure from nail a day, i tried to do a similar look. . . . for much cheaper.

1 coat love & beauty cucumber melon + 1 coat wet 'n wild wild shine kaleidoscope + 1 coat love & beauty green

isn't it stunning?? this might be one of my favorite manicures so far. . . . maybe because there's lots of green and lots of holographic sparkle and lots of green glitter :). what can i say, i love green and i love bling.

i had to dig around a lot to get a large green glitter on each nail. . . . and now it looks like an eyeball on every nail. so i had to name this manicure "green-eyed monster" lol.

by the way. . . . i already miss my acetone. regular nail polish remover just isn't cutting it (literally). sigh.


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