the seaweed is always greener

well guys, this is by far my craziest manicure to date. i felt inspired to do some wacko mermaid nail art, and thought i might not get many more chances before baby gets here. i have this hunch that she's coming really soon, like any day now!

base color for all fingers: 1 coat sally hansen xtreme wear mint sorbet


ring finger:
2 coats cq gem green
donna michelle loose glitter (from dollar tree)
revlon gold coin for seashell

middle finger:
1 coat fing'rs heart 2 art in mint condition
revlon gold coin for coral

index finger:
1 coat sea glass franken
blue stamping: maybelline color show metallics blue blowout
image plate: cheeky xl b plate (4th row, image on the R) 


this crazy look was brought about by 2 different elements- the first is the eclectic nail art from nail swag, particularly this manicure. she does so many mermaid-inspired looks, and this is another one of my favorites. i'm seriously dying over the gold seashell nail jewelry. apparently they're from hex nail jewelry, but all the seashells are gone :(. the seahorses and starfish are cute too, but i desperately neeeed a gold seashell lol.

the other (super random) inspiration for these nails is a free game i started playing on my ipod. it's called mermaid resort, and i'm more or less addicted.

it's like the sims, but for mermaids. kind of. the little mermaids and under-the-sea resort buildings are so adorable. i just had to do under-the-sea nails for myself. my index finger is abstract bubbles, my middle finger is coral growing out of the bottom of the ocean, my ring finger is supposed to be a little golden seashell (since i don't have any jewelry to stick on there), and i'm not sure what my pinky is. just ocean-colored glitter, i guess. here are all the millions of polishes i used for this look-

sally hansen xtreme wear mint sorbet, cq gem green, donna michelle glitter, sinful green ocean, love & beauty turquoise

urban outfitters unicorn, sea glass franken, fing'rs heart 2 art in mint condition, nicole by opi a million sparkles, maybelline color show metallics blue blowout, revlon gold coin

phew, that was exhausting. so many polishes! i probably won't do be able to spend this ridiculous amount of time on a mani for a while, but it was definitely fun. i have a million other mermaid-inspired manicures swimming around in my head (see what i did there? swimming? :P). maybe i should plan a mermaid manicure week or something. would anyone be interested in joining me? :)


  1. Woah, this is the mani of all manis!! Look at how much stuff you used!! The pointer finger is my favorite!

    1. Haha yeah. . . . I had to get all the crazy out of my system before Baby gets here :P. Any day now!

  2. This is definitely a deviation for you but I love it! I haven't thought about many mermaid manis but I could give it a try. Both of our schedules are kind of up in the air though...;)

    1. Thanks! Hehe yeah, no kidding. I was thinking maybe October. . . ? Maybe life will be a little calmer by then :P.


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