sunday stamping: plate ending with 8

i need ideas to get some creativity flowing these days, so i decided to join the adventures in stamping facebook group. i'm very excited about contributing my manicures :). this first one was really fun, and made me use a plate i had overlooked before!

white stamping: jordana white
blue dots: maybelline color show metallics blue blowout
silver holo dots: layla mercury twilight 
image plate: mash 48

so, for this look, i first stamped the dotted image in white, then went crazy with dots. . . . good thing i just bought those new dotting tools, huh? i probably should've stopped before i added the silver holo dots. i'm thinking it looked better beforehand :S. actually, in real life, the holo looks really glinty and cool, it was just hard to photograph. and it's super cloudy today, so i couldn't get more than this one shot to show up well at all. oh well, i'm happy with it.

so, what do we think about my crazy blinged-out nails? i quite like them. in person, my nails look like they're wearing jewelry :).


  1. What a beautiful mani! Love the dots! :)

  2. This is so pretty! I love it!

  3. Hey, I posted a comment on your picture today on Facebook. This is the first time I participated too. This looks great! I love it.

    1. Thanks, I just saw it! I loved yours too :).


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