it's all in the cut

lavender and rose gold and holographic glitter. . . . who wouldn't love this combo?

2 coats wet 'n wild color icon it's all in the cut

i really love this interesting mix of glitters and colors, but what i don't like how gritty it is. . . . and these pictures were taken immediately after applying a top coat! what the. . . ? but overall, i'm really glad i decided to get this glitter from the wet 'n wild "ice baby" collection from 2011. people went nuts over that collection :P lol. i recently heard from the always-awesome nouveau cheap that they're bringing the collection back! except. . . . i saw it in the store the other day, and none of the polishes were the same. they were the same base colors, but the glitters were all different!! and this one (it's all in the cut), didn't even have the rose-colored holo glitter!! that's just dirty.

so if you're hard-core lusting after this polish, try to find it on ebay or through a swap. . . . don't get the new version! it's definitely not nearly as awesome.


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